Grupo Sal

Saladah is a project without a briefing. But it does have two clear objectives: to exercise our creative processes and promote written and graphic experimentation.

For each edition, we pick a concept to influence its creation. Then, we invite a diverse group of people to offer their own interpretation of the chosen theme. They range from illustrators to photographers, to poets, to artists and journalists who help us create the subject matter, the images, and the stories. During the process, all of these undergo various interferences, creating a relationship of content co-authorship. The images and articles which are produced are reorganized by diagramming to be transformed into the Saladah magazine.

The briefing is to have no briefing. The topics serve to influence its creation, not to direct it.

As soon as we get the first images and written work from our team, we blow up a few photos and invite artists to the Saladah Sessions. These are collective creative sessions which take place in our meeting room. Many ideas, audacious collages, and free hand drawings are born here.

Saladah is a magazine under creation.

The main differences between our Saladah and the projects we create and deliver on a daily basis are the utmost creative freedom we have and the experience of experimenting with something more organic and tactile. If on a daily basis we exert objectiveness and assertiveness in our communications, at these sessions experimentation shows us down diverse and subtle pathways, producing synesthetic communications.

In this fast-paced world in which we live, Saladah became a great excuse to bring together good friends and exchange ideas and invent a little. It’s an amateur project in the real sense of the word. A project carried out by people who enjoy what they do, who do it for love. Saladah is a free magazine.

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