15 years, let's celebrate!

While the entire world thought it was best to separate friendship from work, we did just the opposite: we brought together people who shared a common worldview to create our own way of thinking, producing, and sharing stories, languages, and identities. This was the beginning of Grupo Sal.

Over time, we formed a larger group, who learned to bring meaning to each of the projects, films, brands, campaigns and content that we have delivered daily for the last 15 years. These people learned to collaborate and deal with one another, and mix duty and pleasure in just the right measure. That’s why we say we live and breath it!

Were we lucky? Definitely! Did we have any help? From many people, in many different ways. But what we’ve always had and still have plenty of is drive: to do, to learn, to grow. Drive to create and produce design, narratives, campaigns and language systems that present ideas, services and projects with authenticity, beauty, emotion and meaning.

Branding, communication, entertainment, and very well-made content, always with a pinch of Salt.

Let’s keep growing

Pictured above: Rafael Mellin, VP of Creation and Entertainment; Marcelus Viana, VP of Creation and Design; Koca Machado, Director of Marketing and Sales; Marcius Viana, CEO; Juarez Escosteguy, Director of Creation and Content; Bruno Lins, Director of Operations; Ana Correia, Director of Creation and Branding; Claudio Arruda, Director of Operations and Relations; Rod Abranches, Director of Creation and Communication.

Pitadas mensais de criatividade e bom humor para incluir na caixola. Não perca!