We tell stories with meaning

Branding, content, communication, and entertainment in the form of films, images, strategies, brands, advertising pieces, activations, campaigns, and experiences. Our approach is multidisciplinary and transversal. This means we go from strategy to broadcasting. At Grupo Sal, we don’t outsource anything. We do it ourselves, with our own hands.

We mix hard work and fun. Everyday.

We plan, create and launch brands, campaigns, events and cases.  We write, shoot and produce films, TV shows, documentaries and web series.  We also design, animate and polish opening titles, videos and commercials.

Marcelus Viana

Creative Director

Sal’s creator and surfer since childhood, Marcelus is obsessed with the threesome between content, function and esthetics and believes that design can save the world.


Rafael Mellin

TV and Film Director

Mellin creates, writes, films, surfs, edits, directs and delivers TV shows, videos and films. He also manages to take care of Sofia and Alix. Every single day.


Marcius Viana

Strategic Director

An IT system analyst by formation, a photographer by inspiration and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt by nature. Our strategist is an evangelist of the “Sal culture”.


Koca Machado

Comercial Director

She left her award winning career in Brazil’s top ad agencies to seek her dreams: teaching new generations and developing a new way of life near her family and the sea.


Juarez Ecosteguy

Creative Director

A technology, visual arts, music and design junkie. He preserves the unlikely blend of a curious kid, a talented artist and a true geek. Always looking for something new.


Bruno Lins

Executive Production Director

Architect graduate and an expert in Sal’s audiovisual production, he shows us everyday that actions speaks louder than words.


We are partners, directors, designers, producers and executives that do what we love every single day.

Rumor says you should never mix friendship with business. We think the opposite. Our collaborative network includes all sorts of professionals: photographers and poets; illustrators and shapers; cooks and surfers; cameramen and architects; friends and clients; producers and suppliers.

Accepting orders.

Salt History

  • Domino's Pizza

    Repositioning, branding and brand communication in Brazil.

  • O Carioca, Chico Buarque, DVD

    Co-production, screenplay and editing of the award-winning documentary.

  • Nalu pelo Mundo, Multishow

    Creation and production of the longest running reality show on Brazilian cable TV.

  • Multishow Realities

    Series of programs for the Multishow channel.

  • Google Instant Search Challenge

    Film that launched the tool in Brazil.

  • Canal OFF, Globosat.

    Co-creation and launch of the TV channel.

  • Nike 6.0

    Creation, content curation and activations to position the brand in Brazil.

  • Google Impact Challenge

    Documentary and cross-platform content.

  • 70 e tal

    Award-winning documentary and TV series about the generation that innovated in the way of living by the sea in Brazil.

  • Casa Fenomenal, Nike

    Brand language, digital strategy, campaign and coverage of Nike's biggest activation in the World Cup in Brazil.

  • Gurumê

    Naming, branding and design of contemporary oriental cuisine restaurant.

  • Google Mobile Day

    Documentary about the technological revolution caused by mobile technology.

  • Translate

    Multimedia content that ended the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Waze Carpool

    Waze's strategy, campaign and B2B content in Brazil.

  • Surfland Brazil

    Branding, digital strategy, campaign and always-on communication of the enterprise.

  • Branding Vicuna

    Repositioning, branding and communication of the largest textile industry in Brazil.

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