From Hawaii to Brazil


Amid so many trips to Hawaii, we have strengthened ties, made new friends and received a great challenge: to produce and activate the main communication channel of Kona Brewing Co. – a traditional Hawaiian craft brewery that would land in Brazil, more specifically on the beaches and bars of Rio de Janeiro.

The main goals of the channel were to publicize the launch of the product and position the brand with its own language – which translated its main attributes – thus creating an authentic connection with the local consumer. To translate the “Aloha Spirit” and the “Liquid Aloha” that the brand carries, we selected a group of influencers to co-create content that mixes life outdoors, sports, family, and friends.

We created and produced content in Rio de Janeiro and Hawaii, bringing together two geographically distant places, but which have much more in common than one might think. We showed the similarities and told inspiring informative and fun stories. And the result was immediate: our content supplied the brand’s social channels in Brazil and globally, making the launch of Kona a success and meeting all the established goals.