Leapfrogging Brazil into the exponential world

SingularityU Brazil Summit ’19

Building the business community and accelerating the local culture of innovation through exponential technology. This was our starting point when creating strategy and language for SingularityU when the institution arrived in Brazil.

We brought stakeholders together to define the brand strategy, which consists of values, desired attributes and positioning. Afterwards, we embraced the theme of the event “Leapfrogging Brazil into the exponential world” as the general creative concept, which guided all language and communication choices.

We created the video manifesto, the on and offline campaign, content for the set design panels, and developed promotional pieces for the speakers, such as Pascal Finette – director of SU’s Open Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department –, and Jason Silva – Emmy-nominated host for Brain Games.

The SingularityU Brazil Summit is an invitation for people to see Brazil’s opportunities and to value the human element in the search for a fairer and more sustainable society for all.