Waze Carpool


Waze Carpool is a fun way to share empty seats, save money, and improve city traffic. For the launch of the service in Brazil, we created, produced and delivered a set of videos that inspire and educate users.

With simplicity and high spirits, the Welcome Video introduces the app as a way of solving a problem common to all cities: lots of cars and lots of empty seats. Carpool is a milestone in the history of Waze, which promoted a change to the company’s mission: to end traffic jams in cities.

If you’re driving with an empty seat, you’re part of the problem.

Noam Bardin - CEO do Waze

In addition to the release movie, we have created a set of tutorials that explain in a light and practical way how to use the app. All of this to make giving or taking a ride as smooth as possible. Waze Carpool is now available to everyone. Download the app and be part of this movement to end traffic jams!