Investments change lives

VOX Capital

Vox Capital is a pioneer in managing impact investment funds in Brazil. They are the liaison between investors, businesses, and people, with the purpose of generating abundance and equity in the world. The brand believes that it is possible to unite personal and collective interests using the money flow to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The challenge is to transform the Brazilian financial market and to communicate the social, environmental, and, above all, economic protagonism of investments known as 3D, which include a third element in the relationship between risk and return: the impact.

Aware of the meaning of its purpose and having its strategic contents unveiled and organized by Thymus Upframing®️, the brand chose to bring life, safety, affection, and care to the financial market – elements that are vital for our survival. It’s about more than just an aesthetic change, it’s an evolution in the vision and role of Vox Capital.

The hot pink color wasn’t chosen by chance, the goal is to shock. Instigating and questioning are part of who are. The new brand proposal is to bring life to the financial market, which today lacks security, affection, and care.

Arthur Esteves - Senior VC Analyst at Vox Capital

To transform Vox Capital brand ethics into its aesthetics, we used its principle, ‘To Transform Positively’ as a source of inspiration, supported by guidelines of behavior and content that lead us to create a clear and functional visual and verbal brand language. It is mandatory to ‘instigate with responsibility’ and to be ‘human and didactic’. When taking positions, we need to communicate with facts and data, to show real images with no filters. Following this path, we created the cartoons, the color palette that combines functionality and a provocative color, the questioning tone of voice that presents facts and data, and real images – all of it following guidelines of photojournalism.

The exercise of creating the new brand language applied to real pieces was critical in that we could test the strength of the choices that materialize the brand’s strategy: the modular grid that organizes information and facilitates reading by creating areas of interest; the color palette that creates contrast and stimulates the eyesight; the content selection that organizes the topics of interest in a didactic way; and the tone of voice that questions the status quo and offers new solutions. The tagline “100% of investments impact lives” reflects this brand language and presents a clear and provocative stance.

The new brand does more than just describe our development over the last eleven years – its goal is to keep making noise. Going into 2021, no investment or business can afford disregard impact.

Daniel Izzo - Co-founder and CEO Vox Capital

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