Canal OFF App

Canal OFF

Mobile devices have changed the world, people’s lives and the way we think, produce and consume. New channels, platforms, and formats come up every day and broaden our horizons with images, stories, and videos of all kinds. In our new venture with Channel OFF, we participated in the planning and creation of a digital platform of short videos on outdoor sports: the Channel OFF App.

Since its launch in 2011, Channel OFF brings to the TV screen stories of athletes, adventurers, and explorers by nature. Our challenge was to adapt this experience to the mobile universe, creating a new experience of consuming short videos.

Our work involved planning, researching, interviewing, and a lot of experimentation. We also produced a few series of short videos, adding a new layer to the channel’s placement: humor. To tell short and fun stories, we used narrative resources of digital language, including animation, GIFs, boomerangs, fun narrations, and many memes—mixed with high performance and nature images that are part of the channel’s identity, with the purpose of quickly capturing the attention of young people and creating a new layer of communication.

One of the app’s proposals is to create a customized, personal experience. There are plenty of videos of different modalities and themes, so that everyone consumes these contents when and how they want. A 2.0 version of Channel OFF. Dream, explore, discover, and enjoy.