Vem Junto


There are many reasons to run on streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, stairs, slopes and bike paths, but the main reason is just feeling like it. We dived in the universe of four street racers and transformed their stories into the Vem Junto (“Come Together”) campaign, a collaborative platform of Nike in Brazil.

We chose four characters with distinct motivations and styles. Stories of personal transformation: Kalil Motta runs Rio’s downtown area with friends to the sound of electronic music; Rapha trains hard and has fun with his dog while running around Lagoa; Kiki created a new trend by night running on the Minhocão in the city of São Paulo; and Leo Brazil faces Rio’s North Zone streets to transform his life as well as of those around him.

Their stories were told through photos, videos and a 25-minute show on OFF Channel. The channel inaugurated an authentic and inspiring way of showing the world of street running from the perspective of those doing the sweating.  We’ve also left traces of these runners on the city walls, where they fly low everyday.

I don’t run to be the first. I run for my whole community.

Leo Brazil