Nalu Pelo Mundo


Since she was born, Isabelle Nalu, her father and surfer Everaldo Pato and her mother Fabiana Nigol have been travelling around the five continents in search of new experiences, different cultures and perfect waves. It’s been under Rafael Mellin’s direction since 2008 and we have since then followed, recorded and shown the main experiences of this nontraditional family.

Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Tahiti are just a few of the stamps on their passports. Pato is a fearless big rider and Fabi is the family’s camerawoman. She doesn’t miss a single surf maneuver or Bellinha’s growing changes, winning hearts over and making friends wherever they go.

More than a surf show, Nalu Pelo Mundo is the story of an inspiring family that has been deeply touching viewers of all ages for more than seven seasons on Multishow.  To enjoy the show, access Globosat Play. 

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