Waze Ways


Imagine how much data 10 million Waze users produce every day in Brazil. Now imagine taking advantage of all this intelligence to build solid mobile marketing strategies. The Waze Ways event presented a new vision on mobility and the opportunities that this platform will offer to agencies, brands, and media in 2018. We created and produced design, cases, and films for this gathering.

We want to improve the user experience by matching their needs to the brands’ business objectives

Samuel Keret, Global Director of Waze

In the Manifesto video, we showed that Waze sees mobility as a new way of looking at streets and urban spaces, and as a new form of connecting people and brands. The way that users move around says a lot about their habits and preferences. How and when do they do Christmas shopping? Where do they usually go on Valentine’s Day? Who goes more to the gym? What about to the mall? Who enjoys music festivals? Based on this intelligent intersection of data insights, Waze created Mobility Stories. Special media packages with precise targeting and high return potential.