Do your own thing!


Grendene Group’s flip-flops, slides and sandals  company celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2021. With no fear of reinventing itself and assuming its sustainability journey, Rider commissioned us to revise and evolve its language, ,a journey that culminated in the campaign to celebrate their anniversary. Our delivery included Branding, Strategic Planning, and the creation and production of all content for 2021.

Our approach took place on two simultaneous fronts: on one hand, the planning, creation and production of ‘always on’ content for Rider’s social networks and digital channels; on the other, our branding team revealed the brand strategy to translate this content into the Rider 2022 language.

We created a modular visual identity system that encourages movement and continuous brand evolution. A fluid language, which values the “doers”, people who “do their own thing”, take it onto themselves and learn by doing. Combining handwritten expressions with a structured and flexible grid, we reveal the personality of the Rider language to reinforce the attribute of collaboration, of doing it together. Scribbles, arrows, highlighters, lines and dashes represent the hustle of the person who’s doing it. Textures, such as fabric, paper, canvas and asphalt, translate the physical universe and the creators’ means of creation.

In the language system, we kept Rider green as the main color, but changed its relationship with the other colors. It gains strength and relevance when combined with white, black and shades of gray. Its selective application allows highlighting information in campaigns and in the brand’s visual communication. The cool grays help to bring out territories and textures, such as asphalts, walls and stones, and the warmer grays and tones represent the more human side of the brand (skin tones). The secondary palette brings together different colors and serves to expand our repertoire and follow the trends and variations of a fashion brand, a segment that lives in constant transformation.

Grupo Sal’s methodology was assertive. It made the process enjoyable and collaborative in our working group. The result was an excellent Brand Guide, with clear and objective directions, and a structured language that reflected the essence of the brand.

Alexandre Reis (Rider Brand and Communication Manager)

Throughout 2021, we created several campaigns. Meaningful stories about the brand’s products told through videos, photos and interviews with influencers that reinforce the brand’s spirit of doers.

In the production of content and campaigns, we practiced the identity through the new Rider language: a company that encourages creative attitudes, promotes cultural expressions and strengthens the connection between people, ideas and attitudes.

With the new visual identity system, we set out for the greatest challenge: materializing the language work in Rider’s 35th anniversary campaign. A unique and special moment in the history of a company that is 100% Brazilian, that also marked the positive impacts of the first decade of its Sustainable Development Program.

In the Digital Planning strategy, the 35th anniversary celebration was divided into two moments based on the brand’s purpose: “Recreating futures, together”. The phrase points to a company in constant evolution and transformation (Recreate), which advances in reducing the impacts of its production on the planet (future) and works collectively (together). In the first phase, we recreated connections between past-present-future with the creators Martinho da Vila, Rapadura and Kaê Guajajara, representatives of different generations and territories of our culture.

In the second phase of the 35th anniversary campaign, we communicated Rider’s run for sustainability. To cover the company’s Sustainable Development Program in a dynamic and didactic way, our Content team went to the Rider’s factory, in Sobral (CE), to transform information and sustainability attributes into stories told in partnership with influencers Caio Braz, Maria Xiló and, once again, Rapadura.

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